Saturday, June 3, 2017

Baueda: New DBA3.0 Early German Army Pack

Baueda: Save and get everything you need for a DBA 3.0 Early German army! This DBA army pack contains all figures needed for an army of Cimbri or Teutones, Ariovistus’s Army, Batavian, Marcomanni, Suevi or other Early German Armies. Include enough figures for all options: 1x 3Cv or 3Kn GEN, 1x 3Cv or 3Kn, 1x 3Cv, 1x 4bd GEN, 2x 4Wb or 4Bd, 6x 3/4Wb, 2x 3Wb or 3Ax, 1x 2Ps (15 elements in all) plus 2 tent models, accessories and figures to use as camp! DBA 3.0 II-47 - Early German 115BC-250AD 9 mounted figures + 44 foot (15 elements) + camp army Pack: € 45.95 (regular price €51.10 save over 10%!)

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