Thursday, June 29, 2017

3Decors: Printable Tabletop Terrain - Alsace Timbered Buildings Kickstarter

3Decors: This is our first Kickstarter campaign, and we propose you a range of STL-files of Alsatian-style buildings, and one more timbered house from Normandy, printable on your 3D printer

The advantage of these houses and buildings is that they are easily usable from the Middle Ages to the present day: it will be nice for Renaissance, Thirty Years' War, Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars, or WW2 with Nordwind or the Colmar pocket, for example. Most buildings are Alsatian-inspired, but can easily be used for other Central Europe areas, starting with Germany. In order to provide the best gaming experience, all the buildings have detachable roofs. Moreover, most buildings have multiple storeys with the floor included. Check all details here on Kickstarter

The models are created in 1/72 (20/22mm) scale, but the files are optimized to downscale them to 15mm (see our own printings) or upscale them to 28mm. Simply scale them up or down to your needs in your slicer software with the following parametersor any other scale of the interval (just ask us for the right scale parameter)

- 1/100 - 15mm = 73% (0.73 in Cura)
- 1/87 - Half-0 - HO = 83% (0.83 in Cura)
- 1/56 - 28mm = 127% (1.27 in Cura)

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