Monday, May 15, 2017

Tiny Furniture: Barren Lands - Post Nuclear Scenery Indiegogo

Tiny Furniture launched their Barren Lands Indiegogo to fund a new range of high quality resin post-apocalyptic miniature furnishings and accessories, ideal for Fallout and other miniature wargames!

My name is Nastya, and I am the owner of Tiny Furniture Store. I'm passionate about creating, manufacturing and painting miniature accessories for tabletop games. In addition to “Warhammer”, “Dungeons and Dragons” and “Frostgrave”, I really love computer games from the Fallout series and for a long time I dreamed of creating new miniatures in a post-apocalyptic - retro - futuristic style. That's why I decided to run a crowdfunding project and asking you for support.

"We aim to produce a new range of resin miniature furnishings and accessories in a postapocalyptic and retro - futuristic style for the 28mm scale tabletop games."

My friends from  “MyWayMiniatures” company already developed 3-D models of 15 miniatures: computer panels, racks, desktop consoles, garbage cans and others. The entire set of models you can see in the description of the project below. All these models will be printed on a high-quality industrial printer, and then cast in resin. We have been professionally casting miniatures for a 2 year period. We have a workshop, pressure chambers, pumps and high-quality materials. We are deeply committed to ensuring miniatures that each client buys are the best quality.

Check the full range here on Indiegogo and venture into the wastelands!

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