Monday, May 15, 2017

The Drowned Earth: New Kaneda on Mantis and More Unlocked - Final Kickstarter Hours

The Drowned Earth Kickstarter is entering the final hours and more cool miniatures have been unlocked including the splendid Kaneda on Mantis and other cool stretch goals. Check the Kickstarter here and venture in the drowned lands of Ulaya!

We are now in the final 24 hours, and what a ride it's been! Another stretch goal crushed! Next it's just a little one, but one very close to my heart. What is a game universe without a map after all! A simplified version of this map will appear in the rulebook, but backers will also receive a higher resolution version PDF with a bit more detail, and some special locations which are interesting, but perhaps not as important as they could be. Everyone at the Master Builder pledge level will now receive the tokens we just unlocked absolutely free, and there's something else on the horizon too. 

Once again, if you're at Master Builder level you'll get these beauties for free. So it's in your interests to keep the excitement going by forwarding this message to friends, telling them why they should back, posting on your favourite forums or club groups, and generally spreading the word far and wide. Lets get these guys unlocked before close of play too!

Competition Week: Final Competition - Your last chance to make a permanent creative mark on the rulebook, and Ulaya!  The winning idea will be the starting point for an actual species in Ulaya, mentioned in the rulebook, and you'll be credited as a contributor. How cool is that? This one works a lot like the others. Comment below with your entry before the Kickstarter ends tomorrow at 5pm BST (GMT+1) and I will announce the winner next week. There's still time to enter in some of the others- I've only had a few 2D submissions and a handful of Proxy Miniature submissions also. So far the Youtube Playthrough competition is wide open! No entries yet!

Final words - Arg! Too exciting! Over the last month I've seen a vibrant, creative, enthusiastic and above all else friendly community grow up around this game and world I created. It's hard to put in to words what that means to me. Suffice it to say I have a little tear in my eye while writing this, and a boundless amount of enthusiasm and expectation for what we are going to be able to achieve in the future. Now, go and preach the word, like a wandering Ulaya Wayfarer!

Did you already upgrade your pledge level to Master Builder? Well, if you did, then it just got even better! Kaneda on Mantis will come on a 50mm base and be a big chunk of metal! I expect him to retail for about £26. So then, my jungle roaming friends, what's next? Well, a final token type seems like just the thing to have, don't you agree? As well as stealth markers for models like Slethssk and Lissz this pack also contains flame, swim and prone tokens as well as climb markers. And once again, if you've gone in for the new Master Builder pledge, you'll get these for free when we unlock them. Not bad eh?

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