Saturday, May 6, 2017

Minairons Miniatures: New Sadurní Tanks Released and More

Minairons Miniatures released their 1/100 scale (15mm) resin IGC Sadurní Tanks and announced plenty of upcoming ships, airplanes, vehicles and scenery. Check Minairons Miniatures here

1/72 (20mm) Landesa tank: 1 high quality resin & hard plastic AFV model in blister. Reference Code 20IGV003. Expectable retail price € 9.05 (+VAT). 1/72 (20mm) Wine Cellar: one high quality resin scale building in box. Reference Code 20GEE003. Retail price € 49.55 (+ VAT). Release expectable for within Spring. 1/600 scale Spanish Galleon: 1 high quality resin ship & flags sheet in box. 2 optional bows and sterns. Reference Code 03NAV001. 1/144 scale Breguet XIX light bomber: 1 high quality resin & white metal aircaft in box. Inclusive of decals. Reference Code 10GEA003. Retail price € 9.05 (+ VAT). No deadline yet. 1/72 (20mm) L3/33 Carro Veloce tankette: 2 high quality resin & white metal tankettes in box. Reference Code 20GEV011. No deadline yet.

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