Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Empress Miniatures: World War Two American Command, Artillery and More

Empress Miniatures: Command, Jeeps and UBoat Crew - Phew, congratulations everyone for making it through another long week! We thought you all deserved something a bit special to celebrate the start of the weekend and so we are very pleased to show off our latest World War releases. We've continued to concentrate on our American range with the addition of some new officer/NCO/squad leader types, a company command pack in typical late war gear and some variations on our rather lovely new Jeep. The first Jeep releases allow you to purchase the crew on it's own, the Jeep and crew together or as a larger set with an exquisitely detailed 57mm AT gun. The Germans get some attention too with the release of a crew set for a spectacular UBoat. 

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