Saturday, April 22, 2017

The Drowned Earth: Dilophosaurs and... What Next?! More Unlocks Coming soon!

The Drowned Earth: Hello! We have broken through the Custom Dice unlock rather quickly. I'd just like to re-iterate that the pictured dice are illustrative only, and not representative of the dice we will supply, which will have an aesthetic suitable to the game, and be much less "generic".  Now we are speeding towards unlocking the Dilophosaurs- Spitty! In a moment, we will have a closer look at these nasty little fellows, but first, a bit of news. 

Check the Kickstarter here and get involved in The Drowned Earth!

Target Aquired! Well, I've had a number of concerned people asking me what will happen when we run out of Stretch Goals to unlock? We're nearly there after all! The short answer, don't worry, Ive been working tirelessly to bring a few more interesting things to the table. I'm not quite ready for an announcement yet, but mysterious images have been found on a half operative thinking-engine. Footage of a somewhat familiar, and yet unfamiliar figure...I'll say no more about it for now! 

Spitty! I'm sure some of you will now want to know what sort of abilities "Spitty" and pals have in the game.  Rather like the Oviraptors, these guys are cheaper than the average character, and you should be able to substitute most characters for two of these little guys. While the Oviraptors are medium speed and vicious in close combat, these guys... well, spit! Their spit has the stun ability, which strips models damaged by the attack of an Action Point- fantastic denial. The downside of the models is that they are quite fragile, and so have to be used carefully to get maximum effect from their ranged ability. Once again these dinos are faction neutral, and can be used with any Crew. Very different to the Oviraptors, they bring another tactical dimension to your games, and give you some versatility when it comes to list building. 

That's all for now guys. Don't forget to share on social media, spread the word about the Kickstarter and help us bust through some more stretch goals- there are some exciting things ahead!

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