Saturday, April 15, 2017

Splintered Light Miniatures: Bloody Dawn - Assault on the Alamo Miniature Wargame Rules

Splintered Light Miniatures: These rules are for refighting the Alamo, primarily in 15mm scale using the Blue Moon Alamo and figure range, although they can be adapted to larger or smaller scales. Set-up is double-blind, with the Texans deploying within the defenses while the Mexicans go away and plan their assault. The game is fast and features volleys of dice. Players' perspective is that of the Mexican column or company commanders, and the Texan officers. 

The Mexicans will win the battle, but the Texans can win the game based on how many casualties they inflict on the attackers. The Texan garrison can number 186 or 250, with a higher body count required to win in the second case. The back cover shows printable casualty markers for both sides. There are two hypothetical scenarios for added play value: "Fannin at the Alamo" increases the Texan force to 500+, while "Cos Defends the Alamo, 1835" puts the Mexicans inside and the Texans attacking! These rules have been released through the Wargame Vault.

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