Friday, April 14, 2017

Nordic Weasel Games: Dungeon Scum - Heroic Fantasy Adventure Campaign Rules

Nordic Weasel Games: "Who said Dungeoneering had to be dreary?" Based on the Starport Scum scifi rules, Dungeon Scum is a narrative wargame intended to be played by role players and war gamers alike. Gather your group of adventurers, set out on a dungeon delve and hope you make it back! Get loot, see the sights, maybe go on an epic quest. Dungeon Scum sets itself apart in a few ways: The combat rules are fast, simple and easy to remember, allowing you to fight multiple encounters in one gaming session. Unlike many RPG's, it includes a morale system for more realistic combats.

It can be played solo, with encounter tables and monster lists for a fully random delve.It can be turned into a full-fledged role playing game. Characters can generated randomly in a few rolls or simply described with a couple of common-sense sentences.

Your hero is a swordfighter with quick reflexes and a vow of silence? Good, that's all we needed to know. Loot is well supplied with tons of magical items to find. 6 types of magic with 10 spells in each system, plus "quest" spells used in campaign play. Campaign rules for letting your heroes become stronger..if they don't die. While the game is intended to use miniature figures, advice is provided to players who prefer playing without them.And a lot more. Clocking in at 88 print-friendly pages, Dungeon Scum can be played with any miniatures you already own.

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