Thursday, April 6, 2017

Empress Miniatures: 28mm World War Two US Army Miniatures

Empress Miniatures: The latest WW2 US releases are now in the shop. We are very pleased to present the latest releases in our 28mm World War 2 US range. This release contains a combination of additional rifleman poses (we are aiming for little or no pose repetition in your squads or platoons) and support weapons. We have two bazooka teams, both firing and moving, which were part of the armoured infantry squad make-up and an essential Platoon support option more generally. Along with these we have the first of our .30cal options, in this case the M1917A1 which was the heavier brother to the M1919. 

You might not be surprised when we mention that more figures are on their way soon, but not before Salute! With Salute in mind we strongly recommend pre-ordering for collection at the show if you are attending this year. We inevitably run out of popular items quickly on the day so pre-ordering can be the safest way to guarantee that you get what you want! Who knows, we might even share one or two secrets about upcoming releases depending on how busy we are ... We are on stand TE15 this year.

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