Monday, March 6, 2017

Printable Scenery: Take Your Battles To The High Seas - New Printable Frigate Model

Printable Scenery is now selling their most complex model ever designed, to miniature wargamers and collectors worldwide. Take your battles to the high seas with this stunning Frigate!

The Frigate - $19.95 This is a beautiful model ship for 28mm gaming. The Frigate comes in 2 main file packs and an option pack. The option pack includes a solid version of the ship so you can scale down to 10mm. This is the most complex model we have in our range. You need to be able to look at the parts of this model and decide if your printer will need supports.

Miniature Wargame Pirate Ship - 3D Printable Frigate Model

Purchase this massive frigate model here at Printable Scenery and make sure to also check the other pirate suitable scenery and get most out of your 3D printer today!

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