Friday, March 10, 2017

Pedion Terrain: Urban Handpainted Terrain Tiles Kickstarter Fully Funded - Stretchgoals Inbound!

Pedion Terrain's Urban Handpainted Terrain Tiles Kickstarter  has been fully funded and George has announced that the first stretchgoal has been unlocked!

After dancing around 7K for a couple of days, we finally made it over it. So the respective Stretch Goal is considered unlocked - hooray! Transition Tiles - You can now add to your pledge the specialised Transition Urban Tiles. Their purpose is to combine two different textures and/or Urban Themes on the same tile, so that they can join differently themed tiles. They can be used in a variety of purposes. Check the Kickstarter here

We are expanding Pedion Modular Battlefields with a selection of Urban themed Tiles! These 30cm x 30cm (1'x1') Tiles connect magnetically and can be configured to create any Urban board. They come in 3 distinct themes: "Rustic", "Medieval" and "Modern" which cover a wide range of Urban environments and gaming themes. You can arrange them to simulate hundreds of street layouts to fit any size of playing area, different for each of your games. And, since they take up minimal space,  you can store them in a small living-room cupboard.

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