Thursday, March 30, 2017

Karwansaray Publishing: Roman Books and Historical Magazines Discounted

Karwansaray Publishing launched several interesting discounts for their historical books and also when you pre-order their upcoming Medieval Warfare  and Ancient Warfare magazine issues.

Medieval Warfare VII.2 off to the printer - Issue VII.2 looks at the First Barons' War between King John, his rebellious barons and the French prince Louis, with the battle of Lincoln, sieges of Dover and Rochester, and much more! Pre-order your discounted copy here

Ancient Warfare XI-1 expected shortly - The latest edition of Ancient Warfare just went off to the printers - we expect it back on the 4th of April. The theme this time looks at archery in the ancient world, from Chinese Crossbows to Sogdian Warriors and the Battle of Carrhae! Pre-order your discounted copy here

Romans Special Offer - Through April, Romans, with hundreds of photos of Roman reenactors is only €20. Before you forget: the bundle offer for Edge of Empire and Henchmen of Ares is valid till the 15th! Grab your bundle deal here

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