Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Fenris Games: Rise of the Draugr - Dark Age Undead Miniatures Kickstarter Launched

Fenris Games launched their Rise of the Draughr Kickstarter to fund a splendid range of Dark Age-themed 32mm miniatures. Make sure to certainly check the gorgeous undead cavalry and Draugr Wyrm!

Somewhere off in the mist comes the sound of creaking timber and leather, accompanied by a low wind and the first traces of a stink of dessication and decay. As the wind buffets the fog into damp shreds, shambling figures begin to appear in the middle distance - some as big as a man, some of them much larger, hulking forms.

The shuffling becomes a rhythmic marching as ancient tendons and rotting muscles keep time and hurry the dead towards you through the swamp. Behind the giant humanoid forms now appears something still bigger, fouler, and more ancient - an armoured rider slumped in the saddle of the huge, decaying wyrm as its ragged head seeks to feed on the flesh before it...

The following three pictures were taken by Philip Page of Slug Industries while visiting Ian over at Fenris Games before the launch of the Kickstarter. The pictures show the excellent Vermiis Draugr Wyrm and Beastmen. Thanks for the exclusive pictures, Phil much appreciated! Check Slug Industries here

Fenris Games have been producing scenery and miniatures for tabletop gaming for 9 years now as well as working with other creators on renowned projects such as Cthulhu Wars. We're a two-man band of professional modelmakers with 30+years background in industrial, museum, architectural, film & TV work who now focus those skills on models for your wargames and RPGs, and we work with a huge pool of freelance sculptors to create the kind of models we use for our own tabletop.

We're creating a small range of heroic scale (28mm) white metal and resin undead miniatures for your dark-age armies - including a huge zombie dragon centrepiece model. Kickstarter will allow us to make production moulds for all of these models and will ultimately lead to a widening range of minis and scenery to suit these settings. Sculptors Jo Brumby and Tim Prow (lead sculptors on Cthulhu Wars) have already sculpted all of the models included in the basic pledges - and will add more all-new sculpts if we hit our stretch goals.


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