Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ebor Miniatures: Plastic Seven Years' War Infantry Kickstarter

Ebor Miniatures announced an upcoming Kickstarter to fund some plastic Seven Years' War infantry sculpted by the talented Matt Bickley and produced by Renedra.

Ebor Miniatures has  commissioned designer Matt Bickley to  work on the first 3 up miniatures which should be ready somewhere this month. Below you can find some more information as posted by Ebor Miniatures - "Matt has done many plastic kits for numerous companies in the past and has a great working relationship with Renedra who will be producing the Kit. Initial thoughts are for a box set of around 36 figures but this will depend on how much can fit onto the sprue. The figures will be march attack with two or three different poses of fixed arms holding the musket and three loose arms to add variety to the poses. There will also be various loose heads and items of extra kit such as bags, boots and maybe the odd chicken to add more variety for those who like a bit of variety. My initial thought was for French which could be used for FIW as well as the European theatre but this can be changed as I am hoping that anybody interested will get in touch at to let me know which army they would prefer first so I can bring out the most popular first."

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