Friday, March 17, 2017

BigRedBat: New Deep-Cut Sagebrush Steppe and Plains Mats

BigRedBat: I've recently added some new Deep-Cut design mats to the BigRedBatshop These 4' x 3' approx. (1200mm x 900mm) cloths are printed with a faint 7.5cm grid. 

 I anticipate that people might like to use them to play “To the Strongest!” or other grid-based games, with armies based on 60mm elements (whether 28mm or 6mm minis)- if you have a DBA army then more than likely you have a TtS! army. The new mats are 16 squares by 12. I have the new grid in two designs - Shown are the "sagebrush steppe" showing the grid, and the "plains" mat, without. Deep-Cut Studios plains mat. Mats can also be purchased with different grid sizes (10cm/12cm/15cm/20cm) or without the grid and all Deep-Cut mats are printed on a light cloth and can be washed, ironed, and folded or rolled away for storage. I regularly post them overseas.

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