Friday, February 3, 2017

Crocodile Games: Walls of Troy - Scenery Pieces Previewed

Owner and sculptor Phil at Crocodile Games is currently working on some heroic 28mm Trojan wall scenery pieces. These pieces were sculpted for his personal collection so it's not sure if they will be released.


Who's Chris FitzPatrick - Fitz sculpted his first miniature about 20 years ago, and has worked for many of the world’s leading miniature companies, including Ral Partha & Games Workshop in the UK. He contributed to the Dark Eldar miniature range for Warhammer 40K and designed the Dark Elf Army for Warhammer Fantasy. Fitz moved back to the USA in 2001, and started Crocodile Games and the WarGods game system. When not working on the next WarGods miniature, Fitz wastes his time playing RPGs, drawing and painting, & watching B-movies. He can even be seen acting in one -- playing the part of "Michael" in the Zombie Horror-Comedy movie "Dead at the Box Office", now available on DVD from!

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