Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Commando Miniatures: Conversion Competition Launched

Commando Miniatures: A customer has sent in this photograph of a Commando Miniatures figure conversion. He has taken some of the Indonesian Para-Commando range and by changing weapons and a few judicious applications of green stuff converted them into SE Asian Drug Wars para-militaries. We think they look pretty cool. Commando Miniatures figures have always been designed with the possibility of conversion in mind. So, what have you made yours? If you have bought Commando Miniatures figures and have changed them into something other than what it says on the packet, we would like to see them!

Please send us photographs of your conversions. We will publish the best ones and an independent jury of experts will pick the very best one which will receive a voucher for £25 of Commando Miniatures figures. The competition will close on the 31st March 2017. Judges decision final, no correspondence will be entered, blah, blah, usual competition rules stuff! Entries to -

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