Saturday, February 4, 2017

Acheson Creations: Primaeval Designs - Dinosaurs and More Kickstarter

Acheson Creations launched their awesome Primaeval Designs to fund a stunning range of great-looking 28mm (1:56) scale dinosaurs, prehistoric & modern animals in urethane plastic and/or pewter metal for collecting and tabletop gaming.

In 2010, Acheson Creations entered into a production partnership with Richard Deasey to bring his Primaeval Designs line of dinosaurs, prehistoric and modern animals to the tabletop. Since that time, Primaeval Designs has been a consistent seller for us despite only having released a small fraction of the models sculpted by Richard. In 2015, we introduced new dinosaurs within our Dungeon Worlds system of dungeon tiles and realms and a few items in our first Heavy Metal project. At the close of 2016, Acheson Creations completed an entire buyout of the Primaeval Designs line from Richard Deasey and we're excited to present 20+ new sculpts ready for production! The majority of these creatures will be hand cast in urethane plastic. Those cast in pewter metal are marked accordingly.

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