Sunday, January 8, 2017

Victrix: New Gallic Infantry Boxed Sets - Gallic Infantry Warrior Renders Preview

Victrix Miniatures previewed some new renders for their upcoming plastic Gallic Infantry and I though it might be a good moment to give a summary of their upcoming Gallic Infantry sets.

Victrix Miniatures has announced to release at least three Gallic Infantry boxed sets of which the standard Gallic Infantry (wearing no armour and just clothing or bare bodies) will contain 48 multi-part miniatures. The two other plastic sets will feature naked fanatics and chainmailed warriors but will each contain 24 miniatures. Luckily all of the mentionned Gallic Infantry sets will be interchangeable allowing for a wide variety of figures.

The completed standard infantry set will comprise 7 sprues of 6 figures and 2 command sprues of 3 figures to give a total of 48 figures. The 3 figure command sprue contains a Chieftain, Musician and Standard Bearer. The Chieftain and Standard Bearer will be wearing chainmail and both figures will be interchangeable. Included on the command sprue will be many extra heads wearing helmets with various crests, wings, totems etc to decorate the helmets. They will also include spare daggers, javelins and other pieces of equipment that will enhance the figures.

Shown are five of the six renders of the standard infantry sprue of which seven sprues will be included in the boxed set along with 2 command sprues allowing you to field the mentionned 48 miniatures.


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