Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Victoria Miniatures: Rausenburg Siege Corps and Howling Wolf Siege Howitzer

Victoria Miniatures: Happy Holidays from Victoria Miniatures, January Preview and '300' %10 Off Special.

Welcome to the first update for 2017! I'm very pleased to announce this week the Boys of the Rausenburg Siege Corps, 10 and 5 Man Squads join their Female Comrades. New bits include Male Greatcoat legs Mk2, Male Greatcoat Torsos, Victorian Backpacks and the Male Officer Sprue. Also a sneak peak of some more great work from Jake Schneider, The 'Howling Wolf Siege Howitzer', a conversion kit for the Sledgehammer BFG. Next release: Pickelhaube troops! Happy hobbying, V

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