Saturday, January 14, 2017

Printable Scenery: New 3D Printed Modular Fantasy Dungeon

Printable Scenery released dozens of modular dungeon terrain pieces allowing you to build vast dark dungeons for your miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures.

Looking to print, design and build your own dungeons for your tabletop miniature wargames such as the hugely popular Frostgrave fantasy skirmish rules and in particular the 'Into the Breeding Pits' expansion or looking to lead your heroes into immersive combat with The Dungeons and Dragons - Battlesystem Miniatures Rules by Wizards of the Coast? 

Rampage is a modular interconnecting scenery building system that allows you to build everything from perfect dungeon tiles to large buildings and fortifications. Rampage uses ‘OpenLOCK’ locking clips to attach the walls to floors so you can mix and match to make amazing combinations. The walls tessellate perfectly allowing you to make true form tiles, rooms and buildings. 

Simply download the printing files from Printable Scenery and start to print your own dungeon. Explore the available Rampage Dungeon Scenery pieces and design your own dungeon terrain for your epic miniature wargames and roleplaying adventures. Not sure yet, why not check our Wargame News and Terrain Tip and download the free Rampage Dungeon Trial Package here

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