Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: Hard Plastic Forgotten Halls - Modular Stone Slab Tiles

Manorhouse Workshop: Today we are showing you the Stone Slabs. Like their name say, those represent stone slabs of 25x25mm. They are ideal for any RPG, boardgame, Skirmish or other which use a grid area to move. Here we are using 4 bases of 30x30cm, for an overall gaming area of 60x60cm.

In the last article we showed you how the walls of FH can be detached from the floors and used on their own. This is all good, but where to use these walls ? The short answer is : anywhere is good. But why not use some tridimensional surfaces, modular, and perfectly well texturized, like our 3D Bases, which merge perfectly with FH? 

As you can see for yourself in these images, the overall result together is just perfect. But it doesn't stop here. Our FH project will continue to present new tools and options. Let's speak about the latest add-on, which adds a great touch to our Floor set. Our new floor measures 100x100x2mm and will allow you to create ample floors fully playable. Also, all of our floors can be fully removed from the walls, allowing you to play and reach any floor underneath. This is just the first article which will speak of the synergy between our 2 project 3D Bases and Forgotten Halls. In the next one, you will see how our Upper Floors can be used to create new structures, even on the ground floor. Regards from Lorenzo & David.


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