Thursday, January 12, 2017

Manorhouse Workshop: Forgotten Halls - New Hard Plastic Fortified Terrace Preview

Manorhouse Workshop: Let's continue with more accessories to widen even more the potentialities of our Forgotten Halls project. To see all the videos dedicated to our Forgotten Halls project, and being kept updated about them, go and subscribe to our YouTube channel

Let's start from the terrace that we did present during last article. We did add 2 towers to this structure, connected between them with a small overhead bridge. You can see how the stairs give a great dynamism to the whole, while the towers give a robust show of strength to the whole structure.

On this other building, we modified everything making it a real sturdy fortress. The 2 towers are still there but we took out the stairs bringing up to the terrace, and made the walls of the main building much more sturdier thanks to our "Dynamic External Walls". And this is just a single floor building. Imagine what you could create with a taller structure, with more floors ... a unique and huge fortress.

Let's speak about our "Dynamic External Walls". This simple yet elegant MHW idea allows to create endless potentialities for your building creations, without needing to invest a lot of money to buy hundreds of different walls, which then take also a lot of place when you need to stock them around. With our solution, with just the Walls of our Base Set, you can add any kind of our Dynamic External Walls to create a various number of different walls of your liking.

We're just scratching the surface here of the possibilities, since you can combine the main Dynamic Walls (inside the walls) with the External ones to create wonderful results, giving depth and details, in different ways, to your structure. Of course, our external dynamic walls are available on both format (60x56x4mm and 100x56x4mm).

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