Monday, January 9, 2017

Copper Mine Miniatures: Introducing Copper Prospector - Cog Division Machine Gun Household Cavalry

Copper Mine Miniatures: Copper Mine Miniatures have taken the decision to launch our own crowdfunding website, initially for our own ideas. The site is called Copper Prospector and allows us to reduce the costs of running projects compared to other well known sites. For example Kickstarter took about 11% of all funds raised, while through this new platform we are only charged transaction fees of a couple of percent. This has enabled us to reduce the target funds to be raised and make the projects better value for the backers. The payment is taken 7 days after the project ends if it reaches its goal, the payment service is handled by Strip, unfortunately we cannot accept PayPal payments.

The First Project is now live with a second waiting in the wings and a third ready to be started. So First up is the Machine Gun Unit of the Cog Division of the Household Cavalry in Victorian Science Fiction splendour, on their Magnificent Mechanical Steam Horses. The officer and Comms NCO come on the Standard Cog steam horse but the rest come on the larger heavy steam horse. The Machine Gunner and heavy horse have already been sculpted. The unit is made up of six figures and every backer will get a free dismounted standing sentry. The sentry will come with a choice of heads so can be modelled wearing or not the gas mask. Funding for this project ends on the 12th February 2017, thank you for your interest in this project. Check the pre-order here!

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