Friday, December 2, 2016

Warlord Games: Project Z - Spec. Ops "Lock and Load" Zombie Bundle Pre-Order

Warlord Games: If you've never ventured the apocalyptic streets this is the set to grab before it's gone! It includes all you need to play the original Project Z then adds a whole new focus for dealing out Zombie mayhem, with new missions and scenarios dedicated to the elite Spec Ops themselves - including their new Humvee!

Compound by Sarissa Precision: 7 walls, 1 gate wall, Factory Unit, Helipad, Water tank, Portacabin, Compound lights. Extras: resin sand baged positions x 2, 4 piles of boxes, 1 water container, 2 sets of containers, 3 pallets. Project Z components: Play cards, Full colour Project Z Rules booklet, Tokens and markers, Full colour Spec Ops guide, Full colour Cocked n Loaded Scenario booklet, 16 spec ops, 46 male/female Zombies, Doc Puke, Zombie beasts, Dogs, Plus Humvee!

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