Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Warlord Games: Christmas 15% Discount Code Launched

Warlord Games: As one of our best customers we wanted to reward you with a little early Christmas present! Just use the coupon code below to get 15% OFF Warlord Games products.

Just use the code below by 19th December. Remember, if you want your stuff by Christmas, the standard shipping deadline is 15th December for UK destinations and earlier for other countries - after that you can still use Priority Shipping. Full Christmas shipping deadlines here. Note the discount applies to Warlord Games own products.

XMASTREAT-UK-74b5334t (looks like every newsletter subscriber received an unique code, the one mentionned here is my own code ...) Applies to Warlord Games products only. UK webstore only. Expires 19th December 2016. To receive future codes and other cool news make sure to subscribe to the Warlord Games newsletter! 

Basically, things produced by Warlord Games are in, while products from other companies are out. Of course that still leaves 1,000s of items to choose from! The easiest way to tell is to click the Warlord Games filter button, in the left sidebar of each category page. This will just leave the items included in the deal.


Paul Jenkins said...

Each person seems to have a different code, so its one email per person with there own discount code on it.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Thanks, hadn't noticed that! Sure my code went to good use then :) Modified the post!

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