Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Perry Miniatures: New Colonial Cape Wars Fingoes, 2nd Afghan War British Soldiers and More

Perry Miniatures released these new 28mm colonial wargame miniatures featuring some daring Cape Frontier Wars - British Cape Wars Fingoes, 2nd Afghan War British Command and Jacob's Rifles and last but not least a useful ox team with voorlooper.

The Fengu are a Bantu people, originally closely related to the Zulu people, but now often considered to have assimilated to the Xhosa people whose language they now speak. Historically they achieved considerable renown for their military ability in the frontier wars.

They were previously known in English as the "Fingo" people, and they gave their name to the district of Fingoland (Mfenguland), the southwestern portion of Transkei, in the Cape Province.They subsequently became notable allies of the Cape Colony in the frontier wars against their former oppressors. In this capacity, they won several victories against their Xhosa enemies (particularly the Gcaleka Xhosa), and through shrewd and successful management of regional trade, formed a developed and materially successful nation. In addition, many bought farms and started businesses in the small towns that were springing up in that part of the Cape frontier.

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