Saturday, December 10, 2016

Northstar Miniatures: Death in the Dark Continent - Ruga Ruga Musketmen and Captives

Northstar Miniatures: Africa. We are producing a range of Ruga Ruga in 2017 to go with our Death in the Dark Continent range. 

We've made these Ruga Ruga Captive figures. I just wanted to ask the readers whether these models fit with modern sensibilities, should we not make such figures? Please keep your replies short, we're not encouraging debate, just a straw poll of opinion. Personally I feel a 19th Century figure range of Africa should include captive models, for many reasons. But North Star is not in business to be controversial or insensitive. Check the discussion here


FELDGRAU said...

I like these figures. I would buy many packs right now if were available. It would be absurd no to show in 28mm what we can see in books,illustrations, comic books, movies, tv series, etc.In the world of wargames there are figures of men beheaded, casualties, captive women, gladiators fighting, men and women naked, horses and cows dead,...Some figures can hurt some sentivities but it is the option of each individual to buy or not these models. I collect Arabs of the Congo and these figures of slaves are essential. I vote in favor of the release of these figures.

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Hello there, we share the same opinion and think these will be released by Nick at Northstar as part of the range. Have also been waiting on these miniatures as the only other ones available are those at Eureka Miniatures. But these new miniatures look better in my opinion. The range will be released in early 2017 according to Nick. You might want to share you opinion on Facebook to further convince the owner of the range (see link in post). Cheers!

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