Friday, December 30, 2016

Minairons Miniatures: Spanish Civil War - Modernist Style Wine Cellar Building

Minairons Miniatures previewed a cool looking 20mm Spanish Civil War Wine Cellar for their new wargame scenery line featuring all sorts of unique Spanish scenery.

Their first venture into the terrain market, were their bailed out Command Panzer and a downed I-15 Fighter of which the working models can also be found in their webstore. You can check these scenery pieces here These releases were succesful enough to encourage and allow the further development of the range with some more quirky scenery pieces such as the above mentionned Wine Cellar in partnership with Surus Creations.

The Modernist Style Wine Cellar is inspired on the numerous cooperative farming facilities built between 1914 and 1925 by the Commonwealth of Catalonia - a semi-autonomous government institution of these years. The model kit is actually a combination of sturdy cartonboard which forms the base of the structure decorated with highly-detailled resin pieces. The packaging box will in fact be used as the core of the building, a very good idea! This combination allows for an affordable yet large and light wargame building. Some elements such as the chimney and more have been designed as optional, depending on whether the user plans to build an industrial factory in an urban background, or as an oil or wine cellar for his countryside settings instead.

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