Saturday, December 17, 2016

Barrage Miniatures: New Rattenkrieg! World War Two Skirmish Rules Discounted

Barrage Miniatures: Rattenkrieg! is an action/reaction based wargame that allows you to command a platoon sized force or more during the Second World War. It features a unique and dynamic unit activation system that will give you an unsurpassed flexibility to fulfill your mision. The result is a fun and fast paced wargame that involves both players almost constantly.

These rules cover virtually all aspects of World War II gaming. Included are rules for:

- Moving, Hiding, Infiltrating and Spotting,
- Detailed and accurate, but easy, Armored combat
- Suppressive fire, Urban combat, Visibility, Sound,
- Combat Awareness, Aggressiveness,
- Assault and Close Combat Actions and much more...

Rattenkrieg! emphasises Troop Quality and Leadership and includes a fast and detailed Vehicle combat system. The rules cover individually based infantry miniatures. While designed with 20-28mm miniatures in mind, the game system is flexible enough to handle any miniatures from 15mm to 54mm. This rulebook provides Introductory Scenarios but we are working very hard to release Scenario Books for US, British, German, Russian and Japanese forces.

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