Friday, November 25, 2016

Warlord Games: Black Friday Deals - Cheap Terminator, Tanksgiving and Historical Kits

Warlord Games: The easy to play Terminator Genisys game price drops this weekend to an ridiculously amazing £20/$32! Plus both the plastic Resistance and Endoskeletons sets are down to £10/$16! Come and grab a set for Christmas and terminate all opposition!

10% off battle sets and deluxe collectors editions - the Battle sets give you everything to play 2 forces or upgrade to a complete collectors set that combines massive savings with everything wrapped up in one big box - it's a great way to start a new era of wargaming!

Armoured Fury for just £50.00/$80.00: Armoured Fury price drop to just £50/$80 - for a short time only! Normally retailing at £80/$128 Armoured fury is already a fantastic deal with over £100 worth of tanks and more than £50 worth of rule books, scenarios, dice and counters packed within this bulging starter box!

Tanksgiving - Up to 20% OFF Resin Tanks: This tanktastic offer includes dozens of hand-crafted resin tanks! These are limited in numbers and going fast so be sure to head into the store as soon as possible and take advantage. Take advantage of this Black Friday offer and get a whopping 25% Off each vehicle in the collection - Saddle up your Shermans and get gaming!

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