Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Toad King Castings: Fantasy Mushimen Attack! Kickstarter

Toad King Castings: Help me fund the production a range of 28mm mushroom men and fungi creatures.

With the Mushimen, I wanted to create a range of mushroom-men creatures who use stone-age weapons. This sets them apart from D&D Myconids who only use their fists for combat. I felt stone-age technology suited the feel of these creatures and would make them useable in traditional fantasy settings as well pulp "lost world" settings. Along with the melee warriors, certain Mushimen attain a mastery of magic and become tribal wizards.   

In addition to the Mushimen are other fungi themed creatures. I've made a selection of the classic Shrieker mushrooms including a huge Boss Shrieker. To go with these are four metal branches which can be used to turn them into the dreaded Violet Fungi. Shoomies are the possibly the strangest of the lot, one-eyed creeping mushrooms. Check the full Kickstarter here

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