Sunday, November 6, 2016

Perry Miniatures: New Zulu War British Infantry Preview

Perry Miniatures previewed their upcoming plastic Zulu War British Infantry miniatures showing the different parts and a rather interesting Heliograph.

Michael has sent the plastic Zulu War British to Renedra for tooling so we thought we show you what they're going to look like. These are the '3ups' and give examples of what you can do with the infantry and command frame. The Heliograph parts, that you get on the command frame, are shown with legs and torsos of the previous box of British in Afghanistan (the Zulu War infantry bodies had already been sent off before the photo was taken!)

The infantry frame can be assembled as a firing line or at the ready while the command frame has quite a collection of useful arms as well as casualties and, of cause, the heliograph. The infantry are in 'fighting kit' i.e. waistbelt and pouches plus water bottle and haversack so thus useful for the Anglo-Zulu War 1879, the 9th Cape Frontier War 1877-78, the 1st Anglo Boer War 1880-81 and the Anglo Egyptian War of 1882. The keen eyed of you will also notice that heads in Home Service helmets are included enabling you to defend Britain against the fiendish French, the rascally Russians or even the minxie Martians! We don't have a release date for these at present.

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