Friday, November 11, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: Upcoming Forgotten Halls - Stairs and Upper Floors Preview

Manorhouse Workshop: We are now back to present other details of our FH project. The last weeks have been busy with Production on our 3D Bases Kickstarter and the collaboration with Real Game FX with their amazing Fog Machine. But we haven’t been idle on FH either. So today we will speak about our Stairs and Upper Floors.

On the video, you can see how the stairs give a whole new depth and create great possibilities for all the scene. As you can see, our Stairs can stand on their own without needing to be attached to walls or floors, allowing you to move them wherever you wish without worrying about them falling off their supports or needing to plug them into any kind of inserts into specific places.

Another great characteristic of our stairs is the fact they can be built in 2 different ways: one is a gaming version (where you can make your miniatures fit and stick on them), the other is a realistic diorama version, for those who want a perfect result. Creating Upper Floors is very easy, and with a very high playability, since all upper floors can be added or taken out very easily, without needing to unbuild a whole floor and/or walls. Being able to take away an upper floor so easily means you can access the lower floors for moving your miniatures in a pinch.

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