Monday, November 14, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: Forgotten Halls - On the Matter of Playable Stairs

Manorhouse Workshop: Now it’s time to get more into details about our innovative F.H. Stairs. The main question is “Why should you have to choose between a Gaming Stairs version and a more Realistic Stairs version ?”

At Manorhouse Workshop, we give you the possibility to have both in 1 Stairs product. Our Stairs can switch from one version to the other, just by turning upside-down the steps. In other words, from our Realistic Stairs version, if you just turn the steps of the Stairs upside down, a slit of 5mm high will appear between the steps, allowing you to insert with ease most miniature bases inside, which will then stick there without moving, creating thus the Gaming Stairs version of our Stairs. If you want to go back to the Realistic version, just rotate the steps back again!

Manorhouse Workshop always aims at creating the best looking version for all its products, even on more Gaming versions. We are quite sure that if we didn’t write about it, you wouldn’t have recognized that the one of the Stairs was built on a Gaming version. With this innovative “2 in 1” solution, created by MHW, we are positive to satisfy the needs of both Gamers and Diorama perfectionists. Some pictures with adding fog effect by “Real Games FX”

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