Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Wayland Games: Painting Miniatures From Angel Giraldez Masterclass Volume 2 Book - Discounted Pre-Order with Limited Miniature

Wayland Games: Love Infinity? Want to improve your painting skills? The new Masterclass Volume from Ángel Giráldez is packed full of tips and techniques to support you in continuing to improve your miniature painting skills. Don't miss out on the Limited Edition Yu Jing Imperial Agent, yours when you pre-order before November 14th! Grab yours here today

Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Volume 2 is a painting tutorial guide complementary to the first volume. This present volume explains new techniques and tips through hundreds of pictures of the painting process, which will help painters to continually improve their miniature painting skills. The Masterclasses section includes tutorial guides about how to paint all the different Infinity armies, in addition to detailing which colours Ángel used to paint the official Infinity colour patterns. If you are a fan of the Infinity universe, or if you are a painter who wants to improve, then this new volume will be an illuminating resource.

So take your paints and brushes, and enjoy alongside Ángel this new step of the miniature painting hobby world. This is a beautiful A4 book containing 152 full colour pages full of guides and techniques. One Masterclass guide supplied in English. All pre orders placed before November 14th will receive a limited Edition miniature, the Yu Jing Imperial Agent: Crane Rank. Now available for discounted pre-order here

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