Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Small Terrain Miniature Scenery: Historical and Fantasy Terrain Kickstarter Launched

Small Terrain Miniature Scenery has launched their Kickstarter to fund the further development of their business and allowing you to buy affordable and interesting terrain bundles.

Here at Small Terrain, we produce high quality miniature tabletop and wargaming terrain and scenery from 6mm to 28mm scale. We hand craft original pieces in resin, MDF, and polyester rubber.  With the money raised from this Kickstarter we hope to be able to improve our studio and resources in order for the business to continue to grow.  We have a wide range of hand crafted scenery that can be used across all genres and styles of gaming. Our terrain is diverse, so can be painted and arranged to fit any theme or game. From Frostgrave to Lord of the Rings, or Bolt Action to Warhammer 40K. Our terrain is even perfect for Roleplaying games to create your own dungeons, mazes or ruins. 

You can support this great venture here on Kickstarter by pledging for some nice terrain pieces while also supporting this small business to expand their production and range.

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