Friday, October 7, 2016

Perry Miniatures: New Plastic American Civil War Union Soldiers Pre-Order

Perry Miniatures: Pre-Order ACW 115 American Civil War Union Infantry 1861-65 - The figures in this box represent the look of the typical Union Infantry throughout the Civil War. 

They are all wearing sack coats and all have the option of either forage caps or slouch hats. There are 40 figures in this set. Up to 30 figures can be build in either charging or 'right shoulder shift' poses. There is a 4 man command, but there are arms on this frame to add to the infantry for NCO's and a bugler. There are also an additional 6 skirmishers in the box. These together with the loading arms on the main frame allow many variations in poses. These will be available by late October 2016

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