Friday, October 28, 2016

Mongoose Publishing: 2000AD - Judge Dredd Miniature Game License Dropped

Mongoose Publishing announced that they have dropped the license of the 2000AD - Judge Dredd franchise on which their Judge Dredd miniature skirmish game was based

From Matt over at Mongoose Publishing: As some of you have noted, we have passed on the 2000AD licence - however, this does not affect the Kickstarter projects in any way. You will all get the miniatures you are after. All the miniatures have been sculpted/prototyped, and are now with the casters (Warlord and Ainsty) to be cast up - we are expecting Ainsty to finish the Pat Wagons, well, any time now, and Warlord are predicting early next year to complete their metals.

As soon as the last Pat Wagons are with us, we will do an update that lists everything that has been sent out thus far, so you can run your own checklists and find out if anything has gone awry in the post - anything that has gone missing will be replaced immediately if we have it in stock, or early next year with Warlord's last castings if not. We have removed the Judge Dredd miniatures from our web site, as we have several out of stock items already. However, they are still available from Warlord, and will continue to be so until the end of November (with a good discount too!) Edit most of the Warlord Games stock is gone ...

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