Thursday, October 6, 2016

Manorhouse Workshop: New Forgotten Halls - Dwarven Forge Dungeon Compatible Videos

Manorhouse Workshop: In all our projects, we always show videos and images on how they are compatible with Dwarven Forge, another great product which showed its worth throughout the years.

So, let’s see how Forgotten Halls fits with Dwarven Forge, with this video. We are using the caverns of Dwarven Forge for actually showing how well painted terrains from both companies look very great (and fit perfectly) together!

In this video, you see how the caverns, filled with water, reach a building subterranean structure, with an underground sewer entrance .. Everything is blending perfectly. Inside, demons & monsters are fighting heroes, while one of them is running away for his life on a wooden barge.

Again, you can see that from an entrance, the corridor follows a long and tortuous path, where a Marilith (D&D demon) blocks the way, up to a more and more foggy corridor which reaches into the sewer area, where all Dwarven Forge pieces connect and blend perfectly. Miniatures Reaper Miniatures and items Dwarven Forge. Kindly provide by Francesco “Endar” Bellina

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