Friday, October 21, 2016

Macrocosm Miniatures: Fantasy and Historical Dwarves at Arms Kickstarter

Macrocosm Miniatures' Dwarves At Arms Kickstarter is entering it's final days with several new stretchgoals within reach. Interested in unusual and unique dwarf miniatures, please read on.

This project is to help us launch a range of Historical/Fantasy multi-part Dwarven miniatures. We are looking to get £2000 of funding to pay for the moulding and production of several new multipart miniature ranges of 28mm Dwarves. By joining our project as a backer you will be receiving your miniatures at a 20%+ discount (some are 33% like the Halfling horde!) on getting them at retail. You will also be reciving them well before their release dates to retail (several months in some cases).  

Discover dwarf crusader (including tank), Norman (including medieval ogre), viking (including trolls), english civil war,  Holy grail  characters (like the black knight), late-roman style dwarves and now funding cool samurai, with WW1 Russian (with tank and auxiliary) still to come. Check the full Kickstarter here and field these interesting dwarves in your tabletop wargames.

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