Thursday, October 27, 2016

EZpainter: New Dinosaur Cretacea: The Game of Gargantuan Survival Wargame Rules

EZpainter released their succesfully Kickstarter funded Cretacea: The game of gargantuan survival wargame rules on The Wargame Vault.

Cretacea is the pinnacle of dinosaur skirmish wargames, donned as the "Game of gargantuan survival" it does what it says on the tin, throwing you into the arena of the cretaceous period of earths history which was populated by some of the most formidable animals of all time!

The cretaceous period of earth’s history was a fruitful and inspiring era full of magical creatures. It has long been my intention to bring these beasts to the table top in a survival based game.  

Why survival?...because Cretacea is not just about fight and destroy objectives, it employs the use of roaring and grazing, barging and stomping among a plethora of other genre specific actions that make the game unique. Cretacea is mainly inspired by nature documentaries and the way in which they depict the characters of the ancient world, fighting to eat, grow and survive! 

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