Saturday, September 3, 2016

Worldsmith Industries: Resin Wargaming Scenery and Terrain: Ancient Ruins Kickstarter

Worldsmith Industries: Detailed resin scenery & terrain for use in miniature wargames & RPGs, themed after the stone ruins of an ancient civilization.

Hi Kickstarters! Thanks to everyone who has supported Worldsmith Industries, both through past Kickstarters and my current webstore. I’d like to ask for your help again, this time for creating a new themed line of resin terrain for use in 28mm to 32mm miniature wargames, role-playing games, and the like.  

This time, I’ve created a variety of terrain pieces themed after ancient stone ruins. This includes a variety of ruined walls, ancient temples, broken columns, and scatter terrain. The design aesthetic is purposefully time-period and game-system neutral. The terrain would serve well as the fallen empire of an ancient race in a fantasy setting or as a battle-torn wasteland in the far, grim future. Be it an ice-covered magical city exposed by a slow thaw or an ancient temple complex discovered by early 20th-century pulp adventurers, I hope that my new terrain line finds a place on your gaming table! 

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