Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Wayland Games: Gale Force Nine Tanks Miniature Wargame Discounted

Wayland Games discounted the excellent value and fun Tanks miniature wargame by Battlefront Miniatures' Gale Force Nine.

Ever wondered what it would be like to command an entire force of tanks and devastate your enemy’s forces as the colossal behemoths roll across the battlefield with the thunder of their battle cannons roaring to life. Tanks is a flexible game with lots of ways to create a finely-tuned army that fits your play style. The game is fast and furious, do-or-die. In half an hour, you can pick your tanks and crew, upgrade them to your specifications, defeat your enemy (or die trying), and be ready for the rematch!

Check our thorough Wargame News and Terrain review of the Gale Force Nine Tanks miniature game here with the full content and gameplay. Now discounted at Wayland Games

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