Friday, September 2, 2016

Thomarillion: New Modular Dunkelstadt City Terrain Tile

Thomarillion released this new modular Dunkelstadt terrain tile. This is module 14 of "Dunkelstadt (dark city)", the sensationally variable gaming surface for dungeons. You can add this module to your Dunkelstadt-sets.

The rooms are made in one piece out of hard foam. The door- and wall-insertions are made out of resin. All pieces come prepainted in light grey. The specific fact of this module are the different measures of the tiles. The corridorside has tiles of 2,7x2,7 cm like every other Dunkelstadt module but the roomside has 2,5x2,5cm to give you the opportunity to use Dunkelstadt modules more easily within other dungeon-systems. But if you accept a little misalignement you can also put the 2,5 cm side of this "Conversation module" next to a 2,7 cm side of a regular Dunkelstadt module.

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