Friday, September 16, 2016

Renedra: Upcoming Shieldwolf Miniatures Plastic Fantasy Shieldmaiden Tooling Pictures

Renedra: Thought we would show you some masters of a new project we are working on - this is part of the Shield Maidens we are doing for Shieldwolf Miniatures. 

These masters were sculpted using Freeform rather than the normal conventional hand sculpts that we usually work with, these were then printed out at 3:1 using a high resolution printer. This is our first mould that we will be manufacturing using this technique, and at this early stage the masters that we have been presented with are very good. The pictures we are showing are where we have started the first layup and developing the split line and the last picture shows that we are ready to cast the first copy aid. We will be showing the progress of this project as we go along - thanks to Angelos and the Shieldwolf team for allowing us do this.

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