Monday, September 12, 2016

First Command Wargames: For King or Empress - New Seven Years War Rules

First Command Wargames: I'm very pleased to announce the release of For King or Empress: Fast Play Rules for Miniatures Battles Covering the Seven Years War. This is the third rules set from First Command Wargames. 

Here's some details about the rules set:

Easy-to-understand rules mechanics, illustrated with diagrams and photographs
A system that brings the battle to a resolution, so victory is declared on the tabletop
Several interesting ways to set up battles, from march-on attacks against a deployed defender, to a unique, positional, grand tactical system conducted before the battle.
Rules for terrain generation that provide accurate, yet diverse battlefields
A logical point system, allowing you to create your own engagements or refight ones from History
Army lists for all the major (and several minor) combatants of the Seven Years War, often broken into early and late-war periods
Two tiers of army sizes which allow you to field small forces quickly, or expand them to major armies like those controlled by Frederick the Great, Archduke Charles, and more! 
A myriad of Optional rules to tweak just the right feel for your games, or put them in a Historical, campaign context
A flexible basing system, allowing you to use troops you already own or guide those just starting out

Everything you need to play is here, and small armies can require as few as 15 stands of troops, so what are you waiting for? Your sovereign expects victory from you!

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