Sunday, September 11, 2016

Custom Terrain: Cool Printable Dungeon Desert Temple Tiles

Custom Terrain: Custom Terrain has released a Desert Temple dungeon design - the latest in a series of new high resolution print & play dungeon tiles.

This is a complete start to finish dungeon you can use for an exciting gaming session! The tiles can also be used in a modular fashion, and will link up in a wide variety of ways if you want to make your own layout. The tiles are photographed from real life models which have been hand sculpted, assembled and painted, giving your dungeon that next level of realism, with the convenience and affordability of a print and play system.

Now available here at DriveThru Roleplaying for only $5.95!

Rooms Include: Main Room - The centre of this room contains a strange object adorned with a crystal. It's purpose is at first unknown... Shifting Sands Rooms - The sands in these rooms are slowly recaliming the dungeon, and if you aren't careful they may claim you too. Nests - The desert regions are well known for Giant Sand Worms, and some have decided to make this dungeon their home. Mirror Rooms - Grand reflective gold mirrors shine under the sunlight... 

Snake Statue Rooms - The giant statue in this room looks a little bit too lifelike. Pit Traps - These deadly traps are hidden under a false floor. The sharp stone spikes can impale and mangle the bodies of those who are not careful. Chasm Room - Walk the narrow path over the dark chasm, to reach three rune-inscribed doors - each one adorned with a crystal, and each one locked. Crystal Rooms - A number of crystals in this area of the dungeon seem to be connected in some way... Floor tile size measures approx 25mmx25mm (approx 1 inch x 1 inch).

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