Thursday, September 8, 2016

Company B: New 28mm World War Two Alamo Scouts

Company B: The Alamo Scouts evolved from a simple reconnaissance unit in New Guinea to a sophisticated intelligence collection group to include freeing Allied prisoners, rescuing downed pilots and support and coordination with native guerillas in both New Guinea and the Philippines.  The Alamo Scouts liberated 197 Allied prisoners in New Guinea, and provided forward reconnaissance and tactical support in the liberation of the Cabanatuan Prisoner of War Camp on Luzon, in February 1945, freeing 511 Allied prisoners. In addition, the Alamo Scouts captured 84 Japanese prisoners of war.

The Alamo Scouts have the finest record of any elite unit of World War II and, arguably, one of the finest in the history of the United States military. The Alamo Scouts used no specific weapons load out.  Instead each team member chose a package that was mission specific.  Carbines were the most popular but some chose the Thompson SMG, the M1 Garand or even a shotgun.  They each carried the 45 pistol, multiple hand grenades, knives and a triple load of ammo. They usually operated in 7 man teams with 6 on the active patrol and the 7thcoordinating the insertion and extraction from offshore naval vessels. The Alamo Scout package contains 10 figures that allows for a varied team makeup.

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